Janie Casoria

Janie Casoria, Artist / TV Personality

Janie’s zest for life has prompted her to devote her time to art. Her happy, whimsical furniture will make you smile. Her artwork can be found in upscale art galleries, design centers, through designers an by custom order. She works in a variety of mediums from old furniture (yours or hers), murals, mixed mosaics, and whimsical rounds (painted canvases). Her most recent art is semi-sculptures where she uses old doors, and re-sculpts other elements to create an imaginative work of art.

Janie received the prestigious Artist of the Year Award for 2006. Through her artwork, she has donated thousands of hours to her community and not for profit organizations. Whether it’s painting a 4,000 square foot mural for a children’s center or donating a valuable work of art for fundraising, she continues to be thrilled that her art work can do so much good in the community.

Going Green

Janie is going partially green. Her painted furniture, door art, semi-sculptures and many other works of art are created with recycled items. By combining their talents, Janie has teamed up with award winning artist Nadine Floyd to launch their new line of semi-recycled art called Green Glass Art. These custom, poseable glass mosaic bodies can grace any location. You’ve seen the macabre “BODIES-THE EXHIBITION”, now come see our glistening bodies on display from lounging poolside to boutiques, jewelry stores and hotel lobbies. They are a true attention getter.

Public Art and the Community

Janie consistently serves her community on a yearly basis by donating many items to charitable organizations such as United Way, Boys and Girls Clubs, Children’s Home Society, numerous Children’s Charities, Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies, Festival of the Trees, Winterfest and many more. She is called upon for community art projects such as a 6 foot painted fish and flamingos and a 10 X 10 banner for the Museum of Art, just to name a few. She gives her design concepts and skills in directing volunteers and helping execute the designs for Comcast Cares Day and they have hundreds of volunteers to re-do a child’s center, a school or another needy organization’s facility.

She also has worked on many Public Art Projects such as Art Off The Wall where she has facilitated 25 high school students, through classroom studies and lecturers to paint a mural on a 2,000 square foot bridge. She has painted another bridge, and has teamed up with 2 artists to create a mosaic entrance to a civic center, has helped direct hundreds of volunteers with other public art projects for not-for-profits.